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Alvina Platt-Gregory

Hello, my name is Alvina Yvonne Platt-Gregory. I was born Alvina Yvonne Moody in Trenton, New Jersey on March 9, 1954. I attended Trenton Public schools.

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Alvina Y Platt-Gregory


Alvina Y Platt-Gregory

Poetic Parables

Listen With Your Heart

This book addresses questions to God concerning subjects that I wanted answered. He also spoke on other important issues I needed to know about. I asked God questions and here are some of the answers He gave me.

Listen With Your Heart

This collection is easy to follow. The poetry references common Bible stories and popular prayers, most familiar to the average Christian reader. Listen With Your Heart is not traditional poetry and there is no set form to the poems.

Readers’ Reactions

The poems have spoken to me profoundly and I thank the author for these heartfelt words. “Listen With Your Heart” served as a guiding light as I have found my way to truly listen to my heart. Read more

“Poetic Parables” has been a great supplement to my daily devotional. I had some questions that coincided with the author’s, so they now have been answered, and for that, I am very much grateful. Read more

For someone with wavering faith, “Poetic Parables” allowed me to be steadfast in the Lord. The meaningful, assertive words within the stanzas hit home. I hope this book will reach those who need it... Read more

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