About the Author

Alvina Platt-Gregory

Hello, my name is Alvina Yvonne Platt-Gregory. I was born Alvina Yvonne Moody in Trenton, New Jersey on March 9, 1954. I attended Trenton Public schools.

I started writing poetry in the second grade. My teacher, God bless her soul, taught us how to write creatively. We had story writing once a week. She encouraged us to put feelings and expressions in our work. I would write about the funny things in my life. I would put myself in the shoes of the characters I saw on T.V. and use their dialect in my stories. She would let us read our stories aloud and I had the class laughing. She told me I had a gift for writing and oration.

Reading Edgar Allen Poe sparked the idea of writing poetry. I used to make short cute ones for my family and friends. I wanted to write for Hallmark greeting cards but never told anyone who could get me there. I was a peculiar child meaning that I did not go along with the status quo. I spent a lot of time in church. Most of my friends were there and we always had activities going on. We did Easter Recitals and the poems really got my attention. I enjoy reading the Bible book of Psalms because of its poetic overtones.

My first published poem was in my college newspaper. That was a great moment. I started to write and keep my poetry with the idea that I might do a book one day. As I grew closer to God, He began downloading deeper insights into me that lead to focusing on my surroundings. I started putting events into poetic summaries, then single poems.

I believed everything really started getting spiritual when I had an encounter with Jesus or one of His angels when I was in my early teens. This all happened on a Sunday morning.

I write today because God has given me such a gift of expression and interpretation of the things that are happening around me. God has such a wonderful sense of humor.

I was a Health and Physical Education Teacher in the Trenton Catholic Diocese before becoming a Teacher in the Trenton School system; 5 years as a 7th grade Health Teacher and 21 years on the Elementary circuit. I became a certified Teacher with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health and Physical Education from Trenton State College now known as The College of New Jersey. I received my Master Degree in Education from Grand Canyon University and a Diploma in Biblical Studies from Living Faith Bible Training Center.

She is a mother of three very successful sons and have two wonderful daughters-in-love and two amazing grandchildren/ a girl and a boy.

She has a Gold Medal in horseshoes and pool/ billiard from the Senior Olympics in New Jersey.

Alvina has received “The International Poet of Merit Award” from the International Poet Society.  Selected poems have been published in various books. Her international poem is “BECOME”

I am retired as a public school teacher but not from sharing and doing Gods’ Will.