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Readers’ Reaction

The poems have spoken to me profoundly and I thank the author for these heartfelt words. “Listen With Your Heart” served as a guiding light as I have found my way to truly listen to my heart.

“Listen With Your Heart” has helped me in my prayer life. The brief sentences have made it clear to me how to be intentional about my daily devotional and connection with the Lord. If you also struggle with communing, I recommend you start with this book.

“Poetic Parables” has been a great supplement to my daily devotional. I had some questions that coincided with the author’s, so they now have been answered, and for that, I am very much grateful.

For someone with wavering faith, “Poetic Parables” allowed me to be steadfast in the Lord. The meaningful, assertive words within the stanzas hit home. I hope this book will reach those who need it as it did with me.

I have read both books by author Alvina Y. Platt-Gregory. Her engaging and inspiring poetry never failed to give me refreshing new perspectives on my relationship with the Lord. “Listen With Your Heart” and “Poetic Parables” were instrumental in pursuing my purpose.

This book is so inspiring to me. There is something in her poems for everyday and everything. When I first bought her book, I enjoyed it so much that I had to share it with others so I bought four more for my sisters, after all why should I enjoy all the blessings myself. It truly is a blessing to read her poetry.

May God continue to bless her and use her for His Glory.

Gloria Brown, Willingboro. NJ

All I can say is GOOD, GOOD, SO GOOOD! Everything is so real and easy to read. It is nice to feel this good when reading it. I just love reading “Poetic Parables; Listen With Your Heart”

The “Listen With Your Heart” book of poetry makes me smile and feel so good. I read it every night before I go to bed. I love everything in it, the poems and the prayers.

Mrs. B. A. Jackson, Willingboro, NJ