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Poetic Parables by Alvina Platt-Gregory

Devotionals have been used to guide the hearts and deepen the faith of every Christian out there. Whether one is looking for some extra support for the challenges in life or just ready to grow faith further, devotional books are a wonderful way to strengthen relationship with God. “Devotion” can take many shapes and can be expressed in multiple ways, but the driving cause is the act of being devoted. There are a plethora of resources containing powerful and life-changing Word from God Himself, but Alvina Platt-Gregory’s book stood out from the rest. Today, ReadersMagnet takes a closer look at the brilliant Poetic Parables written by Alvina Platt-Gregory and give reason why this book is a must for every Christian.

Poetic Parables

Poetic Parables: Listen to Your Heart was first published in 2018 meant to guide for self-reflection and meditation. This is an engaging and inspiring addition to anyone’s library spreading word on embracing each day with faith. Despite it being a short-read, this leaves readers inspired to build a stronger as well as healthier relationship with God.

Poetic Parables is not an ordinary devotional work but a book about poems with spiritual advice by Alvina. All poems are an original from Alvina, collected together to create a poetry collection that enriches readers’ faith journey towards God. The fifty-four original poems cover wide-ranging topics, such as marriage, ministry and vocation, motherhood, devotion, and the search for God and purpose. Every day is a challenge for Christians, especially when the devil is lurking at the corner waiting or a chance to pull you away from God. Hence, Alvina’s Poetic Parable will be your constant reminder to focus mind, attention, and heart on God every step of the way. The book delivers the message of “continual seeking” meaning setting the mind and heart on God and Him alone.

It is a conscious choice to direct the heart toward God and Alvina will guide you to choosing God despite challenges through her poetry. God calls His people to enjoy continual consciousness of His supreme greatness, beauty, and worth. And the author stands as God’s representative telling the glory of God and helping other people understand God’s hope. Through her wonderful poems, she reveals evidences of God’s grace.

Alvina was inspired to name her book “Poetic Parables” in honor of Jesus who taught many through His parables, answering every situation and inspiring many to be more inclined to God.

In some way, Poetic Parables is Alvina’s tribute to God after experiencing His great love and wisdom. Reading this poetry collection will quickly become the most meaningful part of the morning routine. This amazing work will quiet anyone’s spirit and provide confidence when drawing from God as your source.